Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August pictures

1/200 Yamato. A lot of details for eye candy.

Our group had about 14 people show up this month, much more than I thought there would be due to my preconceived notions of hot weather and vacations. After a quick discussion most members agreed that we could at this point begin forming our own IPMS chapter. I look forward to getting all the information we need to prepare for that. Until then, enjoy some pictures of models both finished and in progress. The Theme for August was "Cold Wars" but as usual we had a smorgasbord of subjects. The themes are very vague, so as long as you can tie your model somehow to the subject, you win bonus fictional points. Yippie! Next month's theme is "Civilian" which means anything created for, or was used by, Civilians. Thanks to Dave Flitton for taking the photos.

Yamato with its R/C guts exposed. Once detail was added to the model, it stopped making pond excursions. Thanks for bringing this giant ship in, Jared!

In Progress.

In progress.


In progress.

Beautifully modeled narrow-gauge baggage car.


Clay's for sure.

Daniel continues his incredible work on large-scale aircraft.

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